Updating India’s Plan for Achieving Sustainable Nutrition Security

File photo (a newborn being weighed): Photographer-Aishwarya Pillai
File photo (a newborn being weighed): Photographer-Aishwarya Pillai

In light of new evidence, the 2010 Leadership Agenda for Action (LAA), a documented plan for achieving sustainable nutrition security in India, is being updated to reflect recent scientific findings and to include strategies for scaling up successful programs.

The Coalition for Sustainable Nutrition Security in India, a group of nutritionists, policy and program leaders, and other experts, met on November 15, 2013 in New Delhi for the First Task Force Meeting.  The meeting had two objectives:

  1. Review and seek consensus on a) the list of the Leadership Agenda for Action(LAA) Essential Interventions (the “what”) based on the  online discussion recommendations, available new evidence, and additional suggestions made by task force members and b) the list of the suggested actions for each intervention (the “how’).
  2. Discuss and decide on other issues:

a)   How to organize the paper and LAA revision process and timeline
b)   How to address the conflict of interest (COI)

Highlights of the discussion:
Key recommendations of the online discussion (organized from Oct 16-18, 2013) were shared between the task force members. The online discussion covered wide range of topics in the areas of environmental health, maternal mental health, nutrition in emergencies, urban nutrition strategy, nutrition education, complementary feeding among others. For details please see attached online discussion summary for more details on these topics.

  • The task force discussed the “conflict of interest” issue which was highlighted during the online discussion of LAA.  It was suggested to refer the WHO COI guidelines and adapt the same for LAA Task Force. The Nutrition Coalition Secretariat will share the WHO COI with all task force members for review.
  • The task force members decided to review the essential interventions using a matrix that was agreed upon by all the members. The group could not complete reviewing all essential interventions and decided to complete through an online discussion before the next task force meeting.
  • The India Health Report prepared by Public Health Foundation of India need to be referred by the task force to keep a synergy between the Leadership Agenda for Action and India Health Report.
  • The second task force meeting will review all essential interventions and will focus on suggested actions for each intervention (the “how’). The second meeting will be held on December 17, 2013.

For further information, please contact the Nutrition Coalition Secretariat in the following email id: l.palo@savethechildren.in

Leadership Agenda for Action Summary of online discussion below:

LAA 2013 online discussion summary

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