Conference: Pulses for Sustainable Agriculture and Human Health

Call for Abstracts: Pulses for Sustainable Agriculture and Human Health

Celebrating the International Year of Pulses (IYP) 2016, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS), and TCi of Cornell University (TCi-CU) are inviting abstracts for upcoming conference on Pulses for Sustainable Agriculture and Human Health on
31 May-1 June, 2016 in New Delhi, India.

Pulses; Source (flickr) Adam Jones
Pulses; Source (flickr) Adam Jones

Global demand for pulses is rapidly increasing.
Pulses are emerging as ‘future food’ in developed and many African countries. For South Asia region, pulses are traditionally important food commodities and cheap sources of protein. The region is now experiencing shortages of pulses and causing increase in imports. The challenge is to increase pulses production efficiently not only to meet the domestic requirement in the region but also supply for new consumers in developed and African countries.

To address this issue, we are inviting you and your colleagues to participate in the conference and submit abstracts in any of the following topics by 30 April 2016:

 Theme 1: Pulses production, consumption and environmental services

Pulses production and their drivers (price and non-price)
Pulses consumption and their drivers (prices, income and preferences)
Climate change and role of pulses in environmental services

Theme 2: Pulses prices and markets

Pulses prices and their market integration
Inflation in pulses and causal factors
Pulses retailing and processing

Theme 3: Policies and institutions

Pulse seed sector
Value chains and aggregation models in pulses
Spill-over effects of cereal policies on pulses

Theme 4: Pulses for human health

Pulses for nutritional security and health
Pulses in PDS for nutritional security
Pulse convergence innovation and nutritional security


Candidates are invited to submit abstracts via email to Vaishali Dassani,  Selected abstracts will be included in the conference, and travel grant will be supported for participation. Your submission should reach to us by 30 April 2016 positively.


The selection committee will consist of representatives from IFPRI, NAAS and TCi-CU

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