Submission Guidelines and Form: Implementation Abstract

Implementation Abstract Submission Guidelines and Form

Background on Abstract Themes

POSHAN_Transform_Nutrition_5You are invited to submit abstracts of your work to be presented at the conference by April 25, 2014. To gather experiences and lessons on how different sectors are working together on nutrition in India and how this could be improved, we invite implementers to submit implementation abstracts on their experience working across sectors to achieve impact on nutrition. Examples of implementation abstracts could include but are not limited to the following:

  • Different sectors coming together to develop nutrition policy. This topic area may include abstracts highlighting the impetus for a multisectoral policy development, how nutrition professionals collaborated with traditionally non-health or non-nutrition sectors (e.g., education, social services, labor, transportation, etc.) to develop policies to address food and nutrition-related issues. We encourage submissions in this category on national- and state-level policy and program development.
  • Different sectors coming together to implement nutrition interventions at the state, district, block, or village levels.  This may include examples of how a multisectoral program or project was developed, implemented, monitored, and evaluated. Abstracts should include discussions of the necessary structures and conditions, the challenges that were encountered and how these were addressed, and critical success factors and potential for scalability.

Submissions are also being accepted for Research Abstracts. Abstract submissions which do not clearly fall under Research or Implementation topic areas of interest, but are relevant to the theme of the event, will still be considered.

Abstract Submission and Review Process

Abstracts must be submitted by Friday April 25, 2014,at 5pm IST.

A review committee from POSHAN and Transform Nutrition will select 10–12 of the submitted abstracts to be featured as written case studies and oral presentations at the conference. The committee will review these based on 1) relevance to the event theme, 2) practical application, and 3) clarity and completeness of abstract.

The committee will also select an additional 20–25 abstracts to be presented as posters. Abstracts chosen for presentation at the conference or for poster will be notified by email by May 30, 2014.

Selected Abstracts

If your abstract is accepted as a case study, a team of writers from POSHAN and Transform Nutrition will work with you between June-August, 2014 to develop a 4-page case study that will be printed and distributed at the conference. The team will also be available to assist you in preparing a related slide presentation on the case that you will present at the conference.

For those abstracts selected as posters, guidelines will be provided to you on what to include on these.

Questions? We would love to hear from you. Send us an email at

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