Prioritizing Interventions for Reducing Impact of Climate Change and Increasing Incomes of Smallholders in Indo-Gangetic Plain

Prioritizing interventions for reducing impact of climate changeObjective:
(i) Prioritize available technology and policy options so climate change adaptations can be implemented at key CCAFS sites and scaled up to the entire region.

(ii) Develop a land use model that identifies optimal land uses for food production, income and the environment so targets related to climate smart agriculture can be met.

(iii) Assess adoption of agricultural insurance, especially index based insurance versus other risk mitigating options for managing climatic variability.

(i) Prepare a list of climate smart interventions for rice, wheat and maize crops.

(ii) Complete an economic feasibility study for climate smart interventions for rice and wheat in Bihar, Punjab and Haryana of India.

(iii) Based on a literature review, develop an inventory of climate change adaptation policies for the agricultural sector in India.

Timeline: 2009-2013

Geographical Coverage: India (Bihar, Punjab/Haryana, Terai of Nepal, and Coastal region of Bangladesh

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